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Advantages of of the contra-rotating propeller tunnel thruster tecnology
Nov 20, 2018

The contra-rotating propeller tunnel thruster is suitable for ship propulsion, which not only improves the propulsion efficiency, but also ensures good maneuverability. At present, the contra-rotating propeller tunnel thruster tecnology is mostly used for the lateral thruster, which realizes the minimum diameter of the propeller of the same power product, the maximum thrust of the lateral thruster of the same diameter design, and the requirements of the left and right thrust are basically the same.

For the user, the products can meet the needs of the high power side thrust of marine engineering ships with DP dynamic positioning requirements. At present, the single propeller lateral thruster has different thrusts during forward and reverse rotation, resulting in inconsistent propulsion efficiency and easy generation of a rotating wake. The energy generated by the propeller is partially consumed in the rotating water flow, reducing the propulsion efficiency. Moreover, in order to obtain sufficient propulsive force, a large propeller diameter and a large transmission bevel gear are often required, resulting in a bulky and bulky device, which is liable to cause structural instability, noise, and vibration.

Therefore, these problems are well solved after the use of the contra-rotating propeller tunnel thruster tecnology. The device adopts the double-propeller counter-rotation form to solve the problem of inconsistent thrust during forward and reverse rotation under the condition of ensuring propulsive force, and absorb the energy of the rotating wake, so that the propulsion efficiency of the equipment is improved.The size is greatly reduced, and the structure is stable and the noise is obtained.

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