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Advantages and structural characteristics of Permanent magnet tunnel thruster
Oct 18, 2018

A permanent magnet tunnel thruster, which is a specific type of thruster, is a new type of thruster that combines a permanent magnet thruster and a tunnel thruster. In terms of product application, there are already many from the current point of view. Therefore, it is necessary to have a certain familiarity and understanding of this kind of propeller to realize the reasonable use of the product.


The advantages of the permanent magnet tunnel thruster, if viewed from the perspective of product operational reliability and cycle cost, this type of thruster uses permanent magnet motor technology to improve the efficiency of the thruster. In addition, the product is compact in structure, simple and convenient to install, and only needs to be equipped with a variable speed transmission device in the propeller chamber to save space.


The structural characteristics of the permanent magnet tunnel thruster are:

(1) Permanent magnet tunnel thruster, which can be opened in a tunnel with a certain depth under water. Because the propeller is installed inside and the hydraulic equipment is directly driven or driven by the motor, the propeller is rotated and pulled to generate lateral thrust, so that the propulsion Work smoothly.


(2) This kind of propeller can be determined according to the use requirements in the installation position to ensure that the propeller has good use effect and achieve the purpose of use. In the thrust of the propeller, it can be divided into several grades, and the appropriate grade is determined according to different use requirements.


(3) In the structure of the propeller, it is composed of a permanent magnet motor, a duct, a propeller and a controller. The motor and the duct can be integrated, and the duct is connected to the base by a cantilever method, and the rotor and the propeller, Integration can also be used, so that the permanent magnet tunnel thruster can be made compact and reasonable.

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