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Advantages and functions of azimuth telescopic thrusters
Nov 15, 2018

Azimuth telescopic thrusters provide higher effective thrust than traditional propellers, and can use less fuel and take up less valuable space. Azimuth telescopic thrusters mainly include mechanical body, lubrication system, servo hydraulic system, prime mover and control system.

In the process of azimuth telescopic thruster device, it mainly drives the propeller speed through the prime mover, the inverter controls the steering, the electromagnetic reversing valve and the servo hydraulic station control the lifting of the underwater propulsion part, and realizes it through the central control unit. control.

In the control system of the azimuth telescopic thruster, it mainly includes an instruction unit, a central control box, an electric drive unit, and a hydraulic servo unit. The command unit issues a control command, and the feedback device transmits the feedback signal to the central control unit. The central control unit controls the start and stop of the drive unit and the hydraulic servo unit action by comparing and analyzing the output control signals. The command unit refers to the control panel of the bridge. The control panel can remotely control the start and stop of the propeller, the lifting and lowering of the propeller, the control of the speed, and the conversion of the control position.

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